From ultra to nanopure water®

Nanopure Water Revolution

NPW® is high purity pure water for your semiconductor manufacturing. To produce next generation of semiconductors the industry need next generation water! NPW is suitable for ALL applications where there is a need for high purity water.

Increase profitability faster

Reduces the consumption of water

Saving the environment and resources

Having problem finding pure water for your application?

Problems with nano contamination in your current water.

Difficulty improving profitability/yield in your production.

Nervous about competitors running past you.

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NSS Water

We have the purest water in the industry

We developed NPW® because we know it is hard to find a water that is pure enough for more advanced products. NPW® is used in the semiconductor and other industries where there is a need for high purity water.

WET (Water Enhancement Tool) produce NPW® free of any nano contamination above 5-10 nm and is suitable for all applications where there is a need to remove small nano contamination.

Benefits of using Water Enhancement Tool


Low cost

Low cost for producing next generation water.


Highest purity​

Highest purity available, no particles above 5-10nm.



Water Enhancement Tool can be used where needed.


Easy to use

Produce water “on demand” and
“just in time”


Low service cost​

Easy service and low maintenance cost.
Simple installation.


Easy to scale

Easy to scale and customize to fit customers demand.

NSS Water

The demand of high purity water

We get it. High purity water is important to get a high yield and reach profitability, but finding pure water could be challenging for anyone.

This is why we have developed WET (Water Enhancement Tool) to produce Nanopure® Water totally free of ANY nano contaminations above 5-10 nanometers.

Why Nanopure® Water is good – removes the smallest of nanoparticles ,”killer particles”.
Why Nanopure Water® is good – reduces amount of water needed.
Why Nanopure Water® is good – reduction of chemicals needed

Take action and increase your profitability
How it works

Book a meeting

Book a meeting and we will guide you through the process and explain how we can help you improve your water quality.

Implementation process

We implement the solution without the need for difficult installations, our solution can be connected or even retro-fitted into existing equipment.

Increased profitability

Our NPW® will remove the smallest of nano contamination in your process water helping to improving yield and profitability.

Our Partners

“Nanopure® Water is a revolution “​

We been working hard to find a solution that can produce a water free of the smallest nanoparticles, and im glad to say that we made it!
WET is a Nanopure® water revolution

Björn Holmström

CEO/Founder, NSS Water

It is difficult to get high yield with dirty water

Manufacturing next generation of semiconductors puts a lot of pressure on every aspect of the manufacturing process, including water.
To achive high yield the water needs to be free of the smallest nano contamination, NSS Water can provide you with that solution!

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