The technology behind NanoPure® Water.

What is NanoPure® Water used for?

NPW® is used in the semiconductor and life science industries the most.
NPW® is suitable for ALL applications where there is a need for high purity water.

Applications include:

Wafer cleaning

Etching wafers


Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) water

Wet bench areas

LDS (Liquid delivery system)

Dilution of chemicals and more

NSS Water Technology

WET (Water Enhancement Tool)

Global demand for high purity water free of nano contamination is growing.
Being able to secure water purity and avoid “killer particles” in water is necessary for the production of advanced semiconductors.

WET technology revolutionize the production of UPW, significantly improve pureness, and reduce the volume of UPW needed, WET produce next generation of water ,
NPW (Nanopure® water).

WET produce NPW on demand, just in time in an enviromental friendly way. 

Improve water quality

Our nanopure® water removes all nano contamination above 5-10 nanometers.
As a result the semiconductor industry can reach significantly higher yield faster and reach profitability on new chips faster.

Reduced water and chemical need

WET reduce water consumption with up to 90% in certain production steps, this is achieved thanks to the extreme purity of NPW.
The amount of chemicals can also be reduced as it takes less water to dilute the chemicals with NPW.

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